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Letters to Lestat and Louis.
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Letters to Lestat and Louis is love. Join here

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Letters to Lestat and Louis is love. Join here

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Welcome to Letters to Lestat and Louis*: Like Dear Abby... but with vampires! (An incredibly sexy vampire and an incredibly sexy and whiny vampire, that is!) Send us a letter (or rather, leave a post). If it's a serious question, the post's subject should be: "It's an awful truth that suffering can deepen us." If it's not -- or you don't expect us to give it a serious answer ("Is it true Louis masturbates to Hanson?"**) -- subject it as: "Still whining, Louis? I've had to listen to that for centuries!" Louis will rack his tiny little brain for a solution and I'll patiently wait, occasionally dropping hints about it not being about finding God. If you can't decide (or want both), it should be titled "I stumble through a carnival of horrors."

*Louis forced me to do this.

**Yes, he does. It just doesn't work well.
-And how would you know this, Lestat? And isn't it just a little impossible?
-Oh hush, Louis.

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* * *

Rules (Mon Dieu. Yes, we had to give in...):

Letters to Lestat and Louis needs you to make it happen. Post, post, post! We're not going to trash your letter so long as you're respectful of other members (And us. Although I, Lestat -- and especially Louis -- can take the occasional joke) and use common sense. We would like abuse, name calling, and disrespect to stay between Louis and I.

This is an advice column. We give advice. Sure, the questions and responses aren't always serious... But... go through the old entries if you're not sure how things work. And, no, we're not as anal about the rules as we sound. Even I like to break them on occasion (like mortals with wine glasses, of course). If it's something small (which we're almost positive it will be) we might even overlook it or just give you the ever friendly nudge in the right direction.

Having a problem with another member? Want to know if your post sounds all right before submitting it? Send us a letter. ( letterstolnl@yahoo.com ) We don't bite our members. (Well, Louis says you might have to worry about me on occasion. But he's Louis. And paranoid. I don't think he's quite over that one incident when I turned him into a vampire...)

If you want to advertise your community, check with us first out of respect. We may ask you to only keep it up a day or put it in the links. Or... it it becomes to be an every day thing, we may ask you not to post them. If this is the case, it's only because we want members to have easier access to posts.

Remember to title your posts. We don't really mind if you don't. (As in your post is fitting and it's the only problem. Even I've forgotten to do quite a few times.) But this makes it easier on us as we know you've read the rules. And also, when tagging them.

Serious: "It's an awful truth that suffering can deepen us."
Not Serious: "Still whining, Louis? I've had to listen to that for centuries!"
Either: "I stumble through a carnival of horrors."

Go back to posts and read the comments, usually there will be things added on (mostly arguments between Louis and I).

Also, feel free to write a follow-up. Tell us how things went! We want to know!

Thanks so much.